International Folk Art Market

The International Folk Art Market is a festival that has been held annually in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 15 years. The goal of the event is to provide an opportunity to folk artists from around the world to show their work, as well as meet specific challenges that folk artists face in the global marketplace.


The identity needed to reflect the seriousness of the challenges that folk art faces in today’s society, while also conveying the colorful, varied, and hand-made feel of the actual art that is shown at the event.

Type + Color

Neuzeit Grotesk was chosen to both contrast and compliment the organic but generally geometric shapes that make up the graphic element of the mark. The color palette was meant to reflect the tradition behind folk art while giving it a refreshing feel.

Brand Activation

Because the event revolves around hand-crafted work, the pieces chosen to expand the brand were artifacts that attendees could touch, feel, and bring home with them to remember their experience.