Go Here!

Go Here! is a travel guide series directed at young people traveling abroad for the first time. The books would be distributed in the appropriate countries, at hostels and hotels that are frequented by a younger audience.

The form of the book needed to be easy-to-handle, quick to read, and able to be whipped out at any moment—a brief guide. The system was risograph printed and hand bound to reference the brief, immediate nature of zine culture and design.

Type + Color

Compagnon was chosen for the display type because of it’s unique forms and unexpected swashes. It works with the hyphen used throughout the work, and also compliments the line illustration style used. Tofino was chosen for it’s readability and how it compliments Compagnon. The Risograph’s Bubblegum Pink, Blue, and Florescent Orange were chosen to represent the three covered countries.

The Grid